the Self which wasn't mine | by Sonya Malinka Persson | releases in september 2019


A story about a child struggling to find her own sense of self.


Experience her journey through memories portrayed by visual poetry.


Releases in september 2019.




As with every new website I build, especially when it is supposed to have functionality I haven’t worked with before, it takes a while to get that specific functionality working. That’s why I have already begun working on the ebook store-functionality – and it’s moving along quite fine, actually.

I am rather lazy, so I want my websites to work smoothly, and above all, easily. I couldn’t be happier that I found a plugin that does just that. I work with WordPress, if anyone’s interested to know, and some of the plugins are way too difficult – or sometimes even plain lousy.

This time, I paid money for a plugin. I usually don’t need to do that, but this time I wanted to. Why do something only halfway, if you want it to look and feel at least fairly professional? And I do want things to look and feel good.

So even though you can’t see it yet, the work with how you’ll be able to actually buy #TSWWM, and other books after that, is moving along smoothly behind my screen. I couldn’t possibly be happier that the plugin I bought is very user friendly, and also pretty in action.

Oh, and also, since I want this to be as professional as possible, I just recieved my first batch of ISBN-numbers the other day. I think it’s called something else in english, though, but the purpose with it is the same.

Wheeee! ♥



Sonya Malinka Persson | portrait in black/white

Sonya Malinka Persson
Västerås, Sweden

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