the Self which wasn't mine | by Sonya Malinka Persson | releases in september 2019


A story about a child struggling to find her own sense of self.


Experience her journey through memories portrayed by visual poetry.


Releases in september 2019.




Interesting choice of subject, don’t you think? 🙂 For the last couple of days, I have been thinking of how I express myself through writing, and how this has changed during the course of my life. And I realize that the way one chooses to write also describes what kind of person one wants to be, or at least present to the outside world.

I observe and understand the world through images. My mind functions through images – I think in images, and it is much easier for me to understand complex matters if explained in visual language.

By the nature of how my life turned out to be for the last ten, fifteen years or so, I have been forced to adapt a more textual understanding of the world. It is difficult to explain how hard that is, to someone who interprets the world differently. But it has been difficult trying to live in a way that is not natural to me.

This book that I am working on – the Self which wasn’t mine, is the first step back to how I like to express myself. I like to think that my choice of writing is as minimal as possible, to give the reader enough space to create his or her own idea of what was just described.

Since I am also a photographer, the photographs I have chosen to illustrate my words has been chosen because of how they – to me, anyway, enforce the meaning of the words. What I hope is that every reader of this book will feel thrown off of Aladain’s mat, soaring in midst air before falling and landing on the next page.

There is rythm and poetry in everything. That’s just the way it is. All one needs to do is to find it. I also think the poetry is different from one person to the other. I know what poetry looks and feels like to me, but I’m not sure what it looks and feels like to you.

To end this post actually on the subject; I cannot stress enough how pleased I am to have found my way back to poetry. Poetry the way I express it. I prefer to present myself this way, rather than through matter-of-factness.



Sonya Malinka Persson | portrait in black/white

Sonya Malinka Persson
Västerås, Sweden

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