the Self which wasn't mine | by Sonya Malinka Persson | releases in september 2019


A story about a child struggling to find her own sense of self.


Experience her journey through memories portrayed by visual poetry.


Releases in september 2019.




This is completely mad. I haven’t finished translating the Self which wasn’t mine, and already I have a new idea for a new book. Well, in all honesty, there are perhaps three or even four ideas. One of them will be published in swedish only, since I doubt there’s any interest for it outside Sweden.

It began with one idea, which has now divided itself into at least three different options on how to proceed with it. The main idea is simple – but the story itself can be told in different ways, and that’s where I need to decide on how to go on working with it.

Teehee – it’s so exciting!!! This is going to be an awesome book as well. The present feeling I have of it is that it’ll be different from the Self which wasn’t mine – in storytelling, mainly. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

This, I believe, is very much a part of my creative process. I get an idea, and then it finds life all by itself. I don’t really do anything with it – it just grows into… something else. At least that’s what happened with this specific idea.

So keep your eyes wide open. When I am done with the Self which wasn’t mine, I’ll get started on this one (and the one published for the swedish audience only). And when I’m done with them…  We’ll see! ♥



Sonya Malinka Persson | portrait in black/white

Sonya Malinka Persson
Västerås, Sweden

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